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Guardians of Time 2022


Title: Guardians of Time 2022

Directors: Stephen Shimek

Writers: Katy Baldwin, Jerome Reygner-Kalfon, Sebastien Semon

Cast: Katie Burgess, Ava Torres, Natalie Daniels

Genre: Action, Adventure

Rating: 4.4/10

Synopsis: Four cousins find a portal to a magical planet one day while exploring the family manor. In order to escape this uncovered world, the Kingdom of Keoherus must face the Guardian of Time as well as evil powers and animals. Time’s Guardians In this confusing rip-off of The Chronicles of Narnia, four young cousins stay at their grandfather’s estate and stumble upon a portal to a mythical land. The teen and tween girls discover that they are the foretold “Guardians of Time” on the planet of Keoherus, a kind of all-purpose land of the lost that is home to dinosaurs, Atlantis, and Amelia Earhart, all of whom are primarily off-screen. They must gather three crystals in order to activate a mystical device that will take them home, despite the fact that the structure and rules of this planet are frequently ambiguous. In the end, they engage in battle with a forgettable, non-threatening adversary whose objectives are also hazy after wandering across poorly created CGI landscapes. Along the way, there are a few hazy life lessons, and the actors try their best to convey the beauty of the twee fantasy world as well as the uninspired family-friendly morals. But the effort isn’t worth the pathetic results, much like the voyage through Keoherus. Lunchflix Alternative will be the best website to see in the list of movies so far. Is a very different streaming platform than Movies. It receives all video extents of its own.

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