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Watch The Red Book Ritual 2022


Title: The Red Book Ritual 2022

Directors: Chris Beyrooty, Dean Law, Ariel Luque

Writers: Ariel Luque, Daniel J. Phillips

Cast: Valeria San Martin, Agustin Olcese, Marlene Pedersen Chauviere

Genre: Horror

Rating: 3.7/10

Synopsis: The Red Book Ritual is one of the weirdest and best horror movies of the year. The premise looks quite simple. Three friends play a game together that depicts a mixture of using an ouija board and telling horror stories around a campfire. This is an anthology game with a setup similar to the 100 Candles game. They knew very little. Each story he tells puts his life at greater risk. The movie does an excellent job of creating tension. And sometimes it gets really scary. There are also moments that do a great job of dragging things down to an unbearable level. The audience is often afraid of this. What is going to happen next and how. Unfortunately, a lot is made out of it. Because things can end at any moment and so can the start. The first installment in the anthology sets expectations for what is to come. The actual story is creepy and scary if nothing special. A man comes back from an unspecified battle with a wife who was unconnected. And she seems to have taken a stand against wearing any clothes. Some front and back include a cat. The one who can’t die and a wife who makes strange noises before things are over are all shown. iLookMovies site is compatible with one-click streaming on your any device, Watch any Hollywood Movies and Tv Series In HD Quality For Free.


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