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Title: Nightfire

Directors: Brando Benetton

Writers: Brando Benetton, Los Silva

Cast: Dylan Baker, Becky Ann Baker, Bradley Stryker

Genre: Action, Thriller

Rating: 5.6/10

Synopsis: Raphael Drake, the president of Phoenix International and the world’s largest green industrialist, is a megalomaniac who faces up against James Bond in Nightfire. Phoenix International seeks to eliminate all pointless nuclear weapons and polluting power facilities from the planet. Phoenix International is afterward suspected of being involved in the theft of a ballistic weapons guidance microchip that was intended to be a component of the US Space Weapon Platform. When Bond begins looking into Phoenix International’s Japanese branch. He finds out that the international corporation’s real goal is to carry out the decades-long, top-secret operation known as “Nightfire,” which, when finished, will fundamentally alter the boundaries between nations and their governments. The corporation also has grand plans to rule the entire planet by seizing control of all major international corporations. The first scene of Nightfire takes place in Paris, where James Bond is defending French DGSE agent Dominique Paradis from terrorists who intend to detonate a bomb during the traditional New Year’s celebration from a helicopter. Bond uses an electromagnetic pulse to deactivate the bomb because employing explosives would cause it to explode. Look Movie website is a free movie streaming service offered. This site provides you with a lot of unique content here you will get to watch full-quality movies for free.

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