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Watch Hunting Ava Bravo 2022


Title: Hunting Ava Bravo 2022

Directors: Gary Auerbach

Writers: Julie Auerbach, Kevin Tavolaro, Marc Blucas

Cast: Kate del Castillo, Marc Blucas, Halem Medina

Genre: Action, Thriller

Rating: 4.2/10

Synopsis: A hut in the icy woods is where Ava Bravo awakens. A pre-recorded message informs her that a snowmobile will take her to civilization five miles to the north. The caveat is that renowned hunter Buddy King will be stalking her as she attempts to reach it and that he will emerge from the basement in just a few seconds. As Ava travels to the site only to discover booby traps, she is forced to return to the cabin where Buddy has recovered and prepared himself dinner while still wearing the handcuffs she put him in. In fact, the first act of Hunting Ava Bravo is almost exclusively a one-woman show. Even though we learn why she was picked for his most recent hunt, it doesn’t get much better once she returns to the lodge. It doesn’t get much better even when someone who appears to be a refugee from one of the Wrong Turn movies enters the cabin. Even though Buddy is the only one of them who knows how to get out of the woods, Ava just stands there for what seems like an eternity watching while he beats up on Buddy. She then sedates him with a drug. Buddy will eventually get the pistol back, but since things are moving at such a glacial pace, there is little sense of urgency or drama. In spite of the title of the movie, Hunting Ava Bravo, there isn’t any hunting until the very last scene, and even that is poorly staged. Buddy is too fixated on hearing Ana’s tale of how she escaped a previous kidnapping to just kill her, and a confrontation with two hunters that ought to have been an exciting setpiece ends practically before it really gets started. almost before it begins. If you want to watch more action movies then you get to watch all the latest movies in the LookMovie Action category in HD for free without any signup.

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