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Watch The Long Night 2022


Title: The Long Night 2022

Directors: Rich Ragsdale

Writers: Mark Young, Robert Sheppe

Cast: Scout Taylor-Compton, Nolan Gerard Funk, Deborah Kara Unger

Genre: Horror

Rating: 3.6/10

Synopsis: A large grouping that allows you a lot of flexibility. But when you say “couple goes to some distant rural spot, perhaps in the South, and finds themselves imprisoned in a house by a bunch of animal-skull-wearing cultists who want to bring about the apocalypse,” you’re talking about an entire subgenre, one that seems to have worn out by now. Grace, a foundling, and her Ivy League MBA lover, Jack, are planning a journey to the mystical South, but not to a muck-encrusted swamp. When the NYC couple is summoned to what she believes will be the next step in reuniting with the parents who inexplicably abandoned her as a child, they find themselves in surprisingly opulent surroundings. What appears to be her ancestral and familial home turns out to be a freshly refurbished plantation mansion, unexpectedly well-tended but presumably empty: well, aside from the quiet cultists on the well-manicured grass, for which turning on the sprinklers is not going to be enough. “The Long Night” is intriguing because of the tiny twists, but it’s renowned music video director Rich Rags-dale who adds a violent supernatural atmosphere. The script, written by Mark Young of Tooth and Nail and newcomer Robert Sheppe, has the good judgement and grace not to waste too much time teasing the audience with the crazed demon worshippers out in the yard. Ragsdale is able to spring some unpleasant surprises on the duo as well as some truly imaginative visuals by revealing their talents before their objectives. He’s willing to slow the grind to an almost dreamy speed at times when other filmmakers would just have the two fleeing or hiding from rampaging diabolical. So, while The Long Night isn’t groundbreaking, it does have its own dark side. LunchFlix  Here you will get to watch updated movies daily. Free in full HD quality without membership.


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